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iCell® Neurons

Advancing New Paradigms in Neuroscience Research

Traditional neuroscience research tools consist largely of rodent primary cell cultures and animal models, which are labor-intensive, costly, and poorly reflective of native human biology. iCell® Neurons represent a relevant human in vitro system for modeling and interrogating complex neurological processes and diseases.

iCell Neurons are iPS cell-derived mixed populations of human cerebral cortical neurons that exhibit native electrical and biochemical activity. They overcome limitations of existing models by providing the following:

  • >95% pure population of primarily GABAergic (inhibitory) neurons
  • Rapid formation of neural networks and functional synapses
  • Expression of relevant neurological therapeutic targets and pathways
  • Long-term viability and demonstrated reproducibility
  • Reliable supply in cryopreserved format

More Data, More Publications, More Solutions

There is a broad range of peer-reviewed publications and CDI application protocols and applications notes  to support your research goals including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease research and drug discovery
    Functional tau and β-amyloid toxicity pathways, long-term viability, and flexible product format enable high-throughput screening for novel drug candidates
  • Autism disease research
    Demonstrated prefrontal cortex ionotropic glutamate receptors, GABAA receptor, and synaptic functionality drive interrogation of neurological diseases, such as autism
  • Infectious disease studies
    Susceptibility to varicella zoster virus infection and ability to maintain viral latency and reactivation
  • Therapeutic potency testing
    High sensitivity, dose-response, and biological responses to Clostridium botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) aid replacement of the gold-standard mouse bioassay for BoNT potency testing
  • Neurotoxicity assessment
    Compatibility with a wide range of high-content, high-throughput platforms enables assessment of pharmaceutical and environmental neurotoxicity
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    NRC-100-010-001 iCell Neurons Kit

    Each kit contains:

    • Cryopreserved iCell Neurons
    • 100 ml iCell Neurons Maintenance Medium
    • 2 ml iCell Neurons Medium Supplement
    ≥4 x 106
    Viable Cells/Vial
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    NRM-100-031-001 iCell Neurons Medium Supplement

    Neurons medium supplement, serum-free

    2 ml (1X) Request Quote
    NRM-100-121-001 iCell Neurons Maintenance Medium

    Neurons maintenance medium, serum-free

    100 ml (1X) Request Quote