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iCell® Cardiomyocytes

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Cardiovascular disease encompasses a wide range of clinical conditions that are a consequence of genetics, physiologic and metabolic conditions as well as adverse drug reactions. The availability of human cell models that could represent and be used to interrogate these various factors would have a profound impact on the effort to find new medicines and cures.

CDI scientists have used iPS cell technology to develop iCell® Cardiomyocytes. These human heart cells recapitulate apparently healthy human cardiac biology and overcome the limitations of existing heart cell models, offering these benefits:

  • 95% pure population of ventricular, atrial, and nodal cells
  • Clinically relevant cardiac disease phenotypes
  • Relevant clinical targets for cardiovascular disease
  • Highly reproducible across a wide range of applications

iCell Cardiomyocytes: More Publications, More Applications, Less Cost

With the most peer-reviewed publications and application notes/protocols, as well as the lowest cost per cell of any commercially available iPS cell-derived cardiomyocyte product, iCell Cardiomyocytes are the platform of choice. They enable a wide range of applications spanning disease research, drug discovery, toxicity testing, and regenerative medicine, including the following:

  • Cardiac hypertrophy studies
    Novel human in vitro model used to recapitulate clinical phenotypes, detect known and novel biomarkers, and identify new targets for drug discovery and therapy. See Drawnel, 2014; Arrarwal 2014; Traister, 2014; Zhi 2012.
  • Arrhythmia testing
    Highly predictive model used for detecting drug-induced arrhythmia – resulting in changing regulatory paradigms
  • Cardiotoxicity assessment
    Retrospective analyses leveraged to uncover previously undetected mechanisms of drug-induced cardiotoxicity and provide relevant data in support of Investigational New Drug (IND) applications. See Talbert, 2014; Cameron, 2013; Doherty, 2013; Rana, 2012; Cohen, 2011.
  • Cardiac cell therapy
    Compatibility with bioengineered, implantable scaffolds used to stimulate heart repair following myocardial infarction
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    R1007 iCell Cardiomyocytes Kit, 01434

    Each kit contains:

    • Cryopreserved iCell Cardiomyocytes
    • 30 ml Plating Medium
    • 2 x 100 ml Maintenance Medium
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    ≥4 x 106
    Viable Cells/Vial
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    M1004 iCell Cardiomyocytes Maintenance Medium

    Serum-based medium with pH indicator

    500 ml (5X) Request Quote
    M1003 iCell Cardiomyocytes Maintenance Medium

    Serum-based medium with pH indicator

    100 ml (1X) Request Quote